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About us

Based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire (UK), this Lesbian Parents Group is for lesbian parents and their children.  We also offer support to other lesbians who are hoping to become parents.

Run by volunteers, we were set up to achieve the following objectives:

  1. All children of lesbian parents have the right to be healthy, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, stay safe and achieve economic well-being. It is well documented that all five outcomes in Every Child Matters can be adversely affected by homophobia and discrimination. We aim to provide services that enable children to achieve in all ECM outcome areas.
  2. To provide opportunities for lesbian parents and lesbians who want to become parents to gain support, information and advice.
  3. To provide a social network for lesbian parents / lesbians who want to become parents and their families in upper Calderdale and its surrounding areas by organising regular meetings , social events and activities.
  4. To enable the children of lesbian parents to meet and play with others from similar backgrounds and develop a sense of community and identity.
  5. To provide play and youth activities for children and young people who have  lesbian parents.
  6. To represent lesbian parents and their families and raise awareness of some of the key  issues that can arise within families; for example, the impact of homophobia on individuals and families.
  7. To challenge discrimination and raise awareness within local public agencies on our issues and needs.
  8. To represent the interests of lesbian parents and our children within our local community.
  9. To raise funds to support this group and fulfil the above objectives.
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